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Ragdoll Cat

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A Ragdoll Loves to be Cuddled

The Ragdoll is a very modern breed originating from regular non-registered longhaired white Angora named Josephine in the early 1960s. In spite of being a relatively new breed of cat they are well established and very popular due to their wonderful and unique characteristics. They are among the largest sized cat breeds with a large sturdy strong body, blue eyes and a unique colorpoint semi-longhair and silky coat. This coat will feature a series of long hairs that cover over an undercoat that is denser in pattern. This keeps shedding from being too much of an issue. Also, the coat is longer in the neck than in other spots. The bright blue eyes of the Ragdoll are especially distinguishable.

What separates a Ragdoll from many other cats is its size. A male Ragdoll can be up to twenty pounds in weight while a female Ragdoll can be closer to fifteen pounds.

Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll kittenRagdoll Cat

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The Ragdoll was originally bred in the 1960s. American cat breeder Ann Baker developed the cat from a white long-hair Angora cat. It is believed that the docile temperament that the cat Baker had was so positive and relaxed that it allowed the cat to produce kittens that were gentle and comfortable while exhibiting a number of interesting characteristics.

Since the movement of the Ragdoll breed in America a breeding group of Ragdolls was sent to the UK. This was followed by eight extra cats to completely establish the breed in the UK, where it is known by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy.

In 1994, another group made the decision to leave the IRCA and develop their own group because of increasingly strict breeding regulations. This group eventually established the Ragamuffin breed. Because Baker had the rights to the name "Ragdoll", no offshoot groups could name their cats Ragdolls until the trademark on "Ragdoll" wasn't renewed in 2005.
Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll cat comes in a variety of colors including pointed (one color darkening at the extremities), mitted, which is similar to the pointed ones except with white paws, abdomens, and hind legs. There are also multiple colored ragdolls with white legs and a face in the shape of a V with the majority of their body being white.

Several different varieties of Ragdoll cats can be found. A Mitted Ragdoll will feature ears, legs and tail colored in a cream, blue-white, chocolate or seal brown color. The rest of the body will have a lighter color. A Bicolor Ragdoll will feature an upside-down V white mask over the face with a white belly and white legs. The body will feature a light shade with a pink nose.


They are most known for their docile, calm and loving nature, they love to be cuddled having a tendency to completely relax when held. Their calm laid back loving personality makes them perfect indoor companions. The Ragdoll unlike some other cats enjoys being held and handled while being stroked. In fact, the catís body will become completely limp when being held, hence the Ragdoll name. Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll also has a loyal temperament. This cat does enjoy being with people and will like to play with them. Also, the Ragdoll is relatively quiet in most cases but it can purr very loudly.
There is no hint of an aggressive streak ever found in a pure bred Ragdoll. They do not necessarily enjoy hunting or getting involved with any strong physical activities.

The Ragdoll is not predisposed to any health concerns of any kind. The only health concerns that a Ragdoll might develop are age-related problems like worms or diabetes. These are conditions that all cats can develop. Overall, this breed of cat should be able to live for up to twenty-five years in most cases.
These are exceptionally beautiful cats that are fairly low maintenance with non matting hair that needs only a weekly brushing to keep them well groomed.
Ragdoll CatIt is important to keep this cat indoors as well. The lack of physical energy that a Ragdoll might exhibit with regards to hunting or other predatory activities and lack of aggression lead to dangerous situations in the outside world.

The Ragdoll is suitable for all types of households. It will get along with people and other animals. However, some Ragdolls might be a little more suspicious in some cases about which specific animals they are going to be interacting with but generally get along with most other animals. It will be difficult to find a feline companion that is more attractive, docile, friendly, low maintenance and healthy than a Ragdoll.

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