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The American Shorthair Aka The Working Cat

One of the most attractive breeds of cat in the world is the American Shorthair. They generally have a medium-large, muscular and powerful body with a short and thick coat in multiple colors in many variable patterns. Shorthairs also has a full face with well pronounced cheeks and a long length. In fact, the length of this catís head is longer than what is found on most cats. For many years they are among the most popular cats in the United States.

The nose of the American Shorthair is slightly caved in. It will be surrounded by eyes that are slightly tilted in some cases. The eyes should be round in appearance.

This cat is also about eight to fifteen pounds in weight on average, thus making it larger than the British Shorthair. The body is also better defined and features additional curves that make it more appealing. The females are smaller than the male versions of the shorthair.

A notable point about the American Shorthair is that it can be found in several different colors. The Silver Tabby color is the most common type of American Shorthair cat to find. This cat will feature a silver coat with plenty of black accents around its body.

The American Shorthair is a descendant of the British Shorthair. It is believed that it was brought to North America by British settlers as a means of ensuring that all cargo and shipments would be protected from rats and mice while in transit. Since then, the cat has been bred and controlled with many different types of American wild cats in mind to create an American variant that is often seen as an improvement over the original British form of the Shorthair cat.
American-Shorthair cat Orange American-Shorthair cat

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American Shorthairs are known to be gentle, quiet, child friendly and have a longer lifespan than most cats. The most popular point about this breed of cat is its affectionate nature. The American Shorthair has a positive nature that is very calm and enjoyable. In fact, this breed of cat enjoys being around people. It prefers to be with others instead of being alone. As a result it should be able to get along with not only different people but also with other cats and dogs that are known to be good with cats.

These cats have a lot of athletic ability, being large in size, lean, and powerful. It has a reputation as a "working cat." They are very intelligent, healthy, friendly, loving, playful, and typically get along well with strangers. The American Shorthair has been found to be easier to train than other types of cats. It can be trained to fetch or to do other activities. It can also be taught how to scratch in a proper spot instead of on furniture or another large item in the house..

American Shorthair cat

Health Issues and Care of The American Shorthair

An American Shorthair can live to be up to twenty years in age but will need to be treated with its annual vaccinations and a healthy diet in order for it to stay healthy. There are few reported problems with regards to medical conditions on American Shorthairs. However, there is a potential for this breed to develop Luxating Patella. This is a condition where the kneecap can become dislocated.

 American Shorthair kitten
The best care to use is to give the cat plenty of exercise. An American Shorthair can have a large appetite and should be exercised often to ensure that it will not become overweight. Also, it helps to brush the catís coat one or two times in a week. This is in spite of the coat having a short appearance.

It should not be difficult for this cat to get along in many environments. This cat can be a great hunter and can enjoy water in small areas. They will love and be dedicated to their family but also can accept being left alone without complaint. This cat should also be kept indoors or controlled when outdoors with a tight fence that is tall and secure.

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