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Abyssinian Cat


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The Abyssinian Cat

The Abyssinian is the cat of the Ancient Egyptians originating from Abyssinia which is now Ethiopia. They were originally bred in Egypt and had been used for years for hunting purposes. Abyssinians were highly worshipped in Egypt and had even been mummified in many cases as documented in archeological findings. In fact, some pictures of cats in hieroglyphics found in Egypt have bodies that resemble very much what an Abyssinian cat looks like today. This cat was first domesticated in 1868 when a British soldier found a female kitten in Egypt. It is widely believed that this kitten was the source of todayís modern Abyssinian cat line but this is up for debate.

They are medium in size, elegant looking cats with limber muscular bodies, long slim legs, smallish paws and strongly pointed ears. A strong green or yellow color can be found on the eyes. The eyes can feature a strong outline around them. This can be very light in color.

The shape of this breed of cat is unique. It features a wedge-shaped head with thin legs and a well-defined nose that is aligned properly with the chin. Also, some additional markings can be found on this catís face. The ears will be easily distinguishable because they are very pointy.
Abyssinian Cat

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The Abyssinian is noted for its many varieties.
A Ruddy Abby is one that features a brownish coat with an orange base and a black accent on some areas. A black appearance can be found on the tip of the tail and on the back feet soles.
A Sorrel Abby will feature a copper red coat with some chocolate accents around it.
There is also a Blue variety that has a blue-gray coat with some pale cream accents.
A Fawn Abby will have a dark beige base to go alongside a light brown coat.
Abyssinian Kittens
Exhibiting a high energy level they are intelligent, curious and loyal but at the same time can be fairly cautious. The Abyssinian will become very attached to their family and let it be known if they are being ignored. The temperament of the Abby cat is very calm. This breed of cat is smart and enjoys being around people. They are not as verbal as many other cat breeds. The voice of the Abby cat is very subdued and quiet.

The intelligent nature of the cat makes it one that likes to explore and look around. These cats can be very athletic and agile while being able to climb surfaces around the house. Abyssinian cat This breed will be suitable for families that want a cat who is interested in people and enjoys being with them. It will also work out well for families with cats who want to get another cat added to the household. They need company be it human or animal and enough space to keep active and burn energy, especially climbing which they are very good at.

Care is fairly simple with occasional brushing required to remove dead hair and bathing infrequently. There are some medical conditions that may occur which owners should be aware of and watch out for any problems. There is a potential for an Abby to develop Psychogenic Alopecia.Abyssinian cat This is where the cat loses hair due to self grooming processes. This occurs as a result of stress on the cat. Also, some cats in this breed have been known to develop retinal atrophy. This is an inherited condition that can cause blindness.

The diet for this cat must feature a rich balance of fatty acids and proteins. This is to help keep the catís coat looking healthy. It is also important to give the cat dry food to keep its gums safe. This breed can be prone to gingivitis.

Abbys have a great reputation for being a loving, friendly and positive type of cat to have as a friend and companion.
Abyssinian KittenAbyssinian cat

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