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The Pug


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The Pug – A Social Butterfly

The Pug is the epitome of cuteness when it comes to having a pet, dog or otherwise. They’re so affectionate that you will want to keep them on your lap and wouldn’t be able to let go of them. They’re very sociable and get along with children and other animals as well. Careful though because if you give another pet more affection, they’re quite likely to become jealous. They’re usually playful, rarely moody and easily trainable, making them a wonderful choice if you’re looking to get a new pet.

This breed of dog is commonly known as a toy dog breed, its size being as small as a toy. The Pug is the only toy dog descendant of the mastiff family of dogs. While most of their ancestral characteristics have been lost, they still share a few mastiff similarities. They are most popular in Asia and have been for centuries. Buddhist monasteries were famously known to have Pugs as pets.

Pug Pug

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Pug Behavioral Attributes

Pugs are well-natured dogs and most people, whether they are children, adults or the elderly, get along with them quite well because of their amiable nature. They’re a little playful but more like a teddy bear that you will want to have sitting on your lap. Unlike some other dogs, Pugs get along with not only the families with which they live but also with strangers usually. Even young children are safe around them and this makes them a terrific choice among young couples. It is important to let them mingle with other dogs from as young an age as possible as this helps them develop well.

Caring for your Pug

Pugs love being indoors, especially when it’s hot and humid outside, these typically being conditions with which they struggle. You don’t have to worry much at all about maintaining them, as they are not fussy. Since they’re happy around other animals and people in general, you don’t need to worry about locking them up or worrying about your guests. If you live in an apartment, then they make for ideal pets.

You don’t have to schedule too much time to groom them. The occasional brush is enough to take care of any dead hair and make their coats look sleek. You do need to clean their natural wrinkles daily though as this could lead to infections otherwise. While they do not shed a lot of hair, shedding is a perennial phenomenon with them and might be of concern if anyone in your household suffers from such allergies.

Overeating needs to be avoided and for this purpose, well-rationed meals need to be given to them, as they will happily eat everything you give them otherwise. You do not need to worry about taking them for walks too often, even though they enjoy a good walk, because they get plenty of exercise simply by being active indoors.

Pug With regard to health concerns, breathing problems tend to be associated with Pugs and they are known to wheeze and snore at times. Serious problems that they could face include encephalitis, progressive retinal atrophy, entropion, epilepsy, cataracts and liver problems. They may sometimes also suffer from adverse reactions to drugs.

Pugs generally take pleasure in any activity in which you involve them. They can be trained but a certain level of consistency needs to be maintained as it can be quite difficult to train them otherwise. The best time to begin training, as with most other breeds, is when they are puppies.

If you’re looking for a dog that’s a social butterfly and one that is generally quite well behaved, then you will love having a Pug.

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