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Which Size Poodle Do You Want-Standard, Miniature or Toy!

Everybody knows what a poodle looks like; it is a curly hair, skinny dog that comes in several sizes. It starts as a full size dog and goes all the way to a toy poodle that you can hold in your arm. You can find them in many range of colors but the most popular ones are black and white, grey ones are also lovely. When dealing with poodles you must decide if you will trim their hair or leave it as it is. This is a tough decision because if you do cut it, it will need a trim a minimum once a month, if you don’t you will need to keep it downsized at least every forty five days.

Poodles come in three different recognized sizes by the worlds major kennel clubs, the standard poodle is over 15" tall, the miniature is less than 15" but not smaller than 11" while the toy is less than 11'. (Measurements are made from the highest points on the shoulers.) You may hear references to other sizes like royal standard, teacup, and tiny teacup but these are only marketing descriptions used by breeders and not recognized by any kennel clubs.

Poodle’s temperaments vary according to their size and origin. Larger dogs are intermittently active and relaxed, they like to play around for a while, but they also like to lie down and relax. They are very elegant dogs both standing and sitting down. Poodles are very athletic and fast learners. They are considered to be among the easiest to learn hard complicated tricks and instructions. They are excellent watchdogs that sometimes over do their duties and go crazy barking at a bird in the yard. They love to play outside and run and jump, but they also enjoy cuddling by their master before the fire.
Black Standard Poodle 

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They do not like to be left alone for too long, and they will get depressed when this happens. They are probably the easiest to train and the fastest learners among modern dog breeds. Poodles are capable of learning complicated tricks very fast too. They are also very skillful of keeping each trick separated from the others. They do not confuse things. You will be very suprised at how quickly your poodle can learn difficult tricks that require both brains and agility. Do not be limited in the tricks and behaviors you want to teach your Poodle based on experiences with other breeds of dogs.
White Miniature Poodle

Health Issues and Care of Poodle

It is important to show them who the boss is though, since they are smart they may decide that they are your boss, and you will run into serious problems with them. Poodles, especially toy poodles are one of the finest winners of many competitions, which involve a series of exercises or tricks that each dog must do alone based only on commands. They are very obedient and like to play around a lot. Some of them are almost crazy and are not good for children to be around. They are either too sensitive and get hurt and run over by the child’s horse play, or they react crazily and hate the child forever.

Toy Poodle Puppies Poodles require a lot of attention and grooming. Their hair has to be combed, and it must be trimmed to keep it exactly right. Ribbons must be tied on her ears and tail. Her hair needs to be cut at least every six weeks and some people do it every three or four weeks. She needs to go for her walks every day at the same time and place. There comes a time when she will try to anticipate your every move, and you will both function as a well-oiled machine together. Poodles need your time attention, and they will not tolerate other dogs or animals in the house.

Popular Poodle Names

Anna: Means grace or gracious

poodle Bijou: French for jewel.

Frederic: Means peaceful ruler

Juliette: Just sounds good for gentle and graceful female.

Napoleon: Male French Poodle classical name.

Niles: Sweet, smart, and loving.

Mirabella: Wonderful in Italian.

Bella: Beautiful in Italian.

Valentino: This is for the charming lover

Other Popular Poodle Dog Names:

Armani,  Arthur,  Bambi,  Cadence,  Capri,  Cecile,  Charles,  Cleopatra,  Evelina,  Farrah,  Gaston,  Giles,  Greta,  Ivan,  Jenson,  Jewel,  Kosmo,  Lancelot,  Layla,  Ludwig,  Mozart,  Nina,  Penelope,  Philippe,  Pixie,  Quincy,  Rigby,  Seance,  Starla,  Tasha,  Temble,  Tiara,  Tuscany,  Zoe

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