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The Most Popular Dog Breeds

labrador retriever
1. Labrador Retriever
Labs are generally loving, compassionate and friendly, this is the dog that most consider to be the true man’s best friend. Their  temperament is very balanced and consistent. Unlike other dogs that  are territorial, Labrador Retrievers are more silent and friendly creatures more at peace with everyone. Their even temperedness makes them great family dogs.......More

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yorkshire terrier
2. Yorkshire Terrier
The Yorkie will always be out to find the action and an adventure. With a high level of energy and being full of enthusiasm, you will seldom see a Yorkshire terrier just laying around unless he is completely exhausted from his latest outing.  They can be very attached with their masters while exhibiting a great deal of bravery compared to their size and are defiantly loyal. Yorkies are very affectionate and loving to their families and as a result can be trusted with children if they have been properly trained. They can also be demanding, dependent and...............More

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german shepherd

3. German Shepherd
Known to be fearless, eager and always alert, German Shepherds are very enthusiastic and seem to always indulge themselves with fun activities and training that will give out learning. They’re easy to train due to their high intelligence, which appears to be compared with humans. They are loyal and obedient to their masters and love to be close to where their masters are. They are people-oriented and must always be with their masters to maintain familiarity and bond.................More

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golden retriever

4. Golden Retriever
Golden Retrievers are intelligent and versatile. They have a kind and friendly demeanor to the point that they are lovable and comfortable even to strangers. They are not aggressive and are always calm. Patience is also almost always related to the said breed that they can sit and wait for hours. Aside from their patience and calm conduct, they can also be playful and fun in activities and drills. Children are attracted to their charm due to their good sociability behavior.............More

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5. Beagle
With an even tempered and balance temperament, a Beagle is a gentle dog breed. They enjoy people’s company and are intelligent. They are alert and are eager to please but are easily bored and distracted by their sense of smell. They are pack animals and so are better off with another kind of their breed. Barking and howling are their usual behavior when in a strange outcome. They are good-natured and agreeable and are not aggressive. They are even mostly described as............More
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boxer dog

6. Boxer
Boxers do not stay quiet for too long, they are playful, and they love children and running in the yard. They are usually friendly dogs but do not take well to strangers coming around their territory alone. Their size allows them to produce enough fear that people will stay away. They tend to drool a lot, especially after eating or drinking. These dogs require patience and a lot of energy to play with them. They are fast and athletic, ideal of small and medium size kids.............More

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7. Dachshund
Dachshunds are very pretty, loving dogs but there are some problems you must know about. The first one is they are very hard to house train. They are very stubborn and they honestly believe in their small hearts that they can scare of larger dogs, so they are always picking fights with them. They are nervous animals and may go into a barking rage if someone knocks on your door or rings the bell. They are extremely territorial and do not like strangers at all. You cannot take them out into the park without a leash; they will take off in a hunting spree that...........More

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8. Bulldog
Bulldogs like to chew stuff; they start chewing as puppies and continue doing so through their lives until their teeth fall off. They prefer soft things like your shoes and your wife’s shoes but if these are nowhere to be seen they will chew on anything. They prefer to sit around on their bellies staring at you than walking around the house or garden. Bulldogs are hard to house train, and even though they are intelligent dogs, they believe they can do whatever, they chose to do. It is important to watch his diet and keep him healthy without getting fat..........More
9. Poodle
They love to play outside and run and jump, but they also enjoy cuddling by their master before the fire. They do not like to be left alone for too long, and they will get depressed when this happens. They are probably the easiest to train and the fastest learners among modern dog breeds. Poodles are capable of learning complicated tricks very fast too. They are also very skillful of keeping each trick separated from the others. They do not confuse things...................More
shih tzu
10. Shih Tzu
They were called lion dogs because the Chinese combed their hair and tried to make them look like fierce lions when they groomed their dogs. They also have a deep growl and bark; they are not like most small dogs that make high pitch noises. They are very appreciated in China as guard dogs. Shih Tzu is easy to train for small uncomplicated tasks. They are capable of learning a few tricks but have short attention spans so you must keep them simple and brief..............More
miniature schnauzer
11. Miniature Schnauzer
The Miniature Schnauzer a sturdily built, small dog with a square proportioned body and strong head. They are smart, loving and happy while exhibiting great energy with constant active playfulness. Their love of people and especially children along with their affectionate and docile nature make them devoted companions and great family pets. They also socialize well with other dogs. The Miniature Schnauzer is well adapted for apartment life and generally stays relaxed indoors but do need to get good and regular exercise.

12. Chihuahua
The Chihuahua is the smallest of all dogs with a body that is longer than its height. They come with in  two distinct types which are the short hair and long hair, which can vary in colors that include black, white, sand, tan, sable, black & tan and parti-color. Chihuahuas are among the best companion dogs and become very devoted and attached to their owners. While being courageous, lively, and adventurous, they need affection. They have high intelligence to learn quickly with firm but gentle training but are more difficult to housebreak than some other dogs. Because of their small size many Chihuahua do not get the correct amount of exercise they require which can also cause behavior problems.
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13. Pomeranian
Pomeranians are a small dog with a thick double coat in a wide variety of coat colors. They are a proud active and intelligent dog, ready to learn and loyal to their owner which makes them a perfect companion. The poms calm temper and loving nature have created a large following of dedicated owners who would never have any other breed of dog. Some are fairly picky at what they will eat but providing them with high quality dry pet food is recommended. They will bond with other dogs and take the lead in being the family watch dogs. It will be necessary to teach them when it is time to be quiet after company arrives or when everyone is made aware that there is a squirrel in the yard.
14. Rottweiler
The Rottweiler appearance can be described as muscular, massive and powerful. This is in looks but in temperament they are calm, very trainable, courageous, and highly devoted to their masters and family. You will find few dogs more loyal and protective in defending their family. Due to their serious nature, confidence and bravery they need strong, calm, firm and consistent training and handling. Trained correctly a Rottweiler can be an exceptional family addition by providing fierce security when needed and a docile, laid-back and friendly companion.
15. Pug
Pugs are small, stocky and thick dogs with a happy and friendly attitude. These peppy and spirited dogs display great loyalty, are very loving and will constantly show affection to their family. Being highly intelligent their playfulness will keep you entertained but they can be bored easily without variety in their activities or interaction.Training should be varied and must be done in a calm, firm and consistent manner. Pugs only have behavior problems when not trained properly.
Shorthaired Pointer
16. Shorthaired Pointer
The Shorthaired Pointer is considered one of the best breeds for hunting purposes. Being hunters by nature they are also protective, smart and eager to please with great fondness and loyalty to their family. Shorthaired Pointers enjoy activities like taking long walks, jogging, hunting, or chase and fetch games. They are not suited to life in a kennel or any restrictive environment. If you live in an apartment or house with a small yard this is not the dog for you, They must have plenty of engaging and varied activity along with firm, calm, and consistent training.
Boston Terrier
17. Boston Terrier
The Boston Terrier is intelligent, gentle, mannered and enthusiastic but a lack of mental engagement and physical exercise will cause them be have behavioral problems. They love to learn new things which make them very easy to train when using the right techniques and approach on how they are spoken to. Bostons are good with children and elderly people while also friendly and easy to approach by strangers. They are playful, affectionate companions that shine in being part of a family due to their loving and friendly nature.
Doberman Pinscher
18. Doberman Pinscher
Doberman Pinschers are very smart, extremely energetic and have great strength beyond their size along with enduring stamina. They need plenty of human interaction and activity so they should never be kept in a kennel, apartment or small back yard. Dobermans are Loyal, dedicated and affectionate toward their family but need bold and assertive training and handling. They are adaptable, very skilled and intelligent so training is easy if done properly. They are great guard and watch dogs but need regular stimulation and exercise.
Shetland Sheepdog
19. Shetland Sheepdog
The Shetland Sheepdog looks just like a miniature Collie. They are great companion dogs that are very loyal, loving, eager to please and docile with a happy temperament. They do need their owners to give them interactive attention by being firm and calm. These are natural herder dogs that can heard cattle, sheep or any herding animal but this can be a problem since they will also chase cars without concern so must not be allowed to roam freely near traffic. A Sheltie can be a wonderful companion if well trained, engaged and regularly exercised.
20. Maltese
The Maltese is a beautiful small dog with long silky fine hair. They are high spirited, active and love to play while exhibiting a gentle, loving and devoted nature towards their families. Being very intelligent they can easily learn many tricks and be taught to be well behaved when proper training techniques are applied. Housebreaking can be a problem with the Maltese but there are effective training methods available.

21st - 60th Most Popular Dog Breeds

21. Cocker Spaniel
22. Great Dane
23. Siberian Husky
24. Pembroke Welsh Corgi
25. King Charles Spaniel
26. French Bulldog
27. English Springer Spaniel
28. Mastiff
29. Australian Shepherd
30. Brittany
31. Weimaraner
32. Miniature Pinscher
33. Basset Hound
34. West Highland Terrier
35. Bichons Frise
36. Havanese
37. Papillon
38. Collie
39. Bullmastiff
40. Bernese Mountain Dog
41. Bloodhound
42. Vizsla
43. St. Bernard
44. Newfoundland
45. Chinese Shar-Pei
46. Chesapeake Bay Retriever
47. Scottish Terrier
48. Rhodesian Ridgeback
49. Cairn Terrier
50. Akita
51. Border Collie
52. Chinese Crested
53. Pekingese
54. Lhasa Apso
55. Bull Terrier
56. Airedale Terrier
57. Alaskan Malamute
58. Wheaten Terrier
59. Italian Greyhound
60. Great Pyrenees

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