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The Most Popular Cat Breeds

Persian cat
1. Persian
The Persian is considered to be the oldest of cat breeds originating in Persia which is now Iran. Being heavy boned with short thick legs and oversize paws, a short nose with expressive eyes gives a kind and loving appearance. Like their appearance they exhibit a sweet & gentle nature, are calm, laid back and affectionate making them the favorite cat breed of all cat owners. The two types of Persians are the Himalayan and Chinchilla. They need regular grooming to avoid matting of their heavy coat and should have their runny eyes cleaned occasionally. Learn How to Raise, Love and Live with Persian Cats ...More
Maine Coon cat

2. Maine Coon
The Maine Coon is one of the oldest natural cat breeds in North America and the among the largest in size among domesticated cats. They are stout in body shape with medium length dense silky-soft hair that needs little grooming. They are well adapted to cold winter environments with their heavy coat and large paws which are good for walking on ice and snow. Maine Coons are considered very intelligent compared to other cats. As a companion they are gentle, loyal, playful, independent and generally relaxed around family, strangers, any other cats or even dogs. They are known to be one of the few cat breeds that can make what appears to be talking sounds. A well trained cat can be a real joy to live with and a great companion...more.
Exotic Shorthair cat
3. Exotic Shorthair
The Exotic Shorthair is a breed of cat developed to be a shorthaired version of the Persian. They have all of the characteristics like temperament, personality and conformation the same as a Persian but without the long hair that needs constant grooming. They originated from cross breeding Persians with American Shorthairs among some other short hair breeds and were recognized as a separate breed in 1986. They tend to be calm, gentle, curious, playful and fairly active while showing a lot of affection which makes them good lap cats that do well in smaller living quarters. Only occasional brushing is required along with face washing. Take care of your Exotic with low cost Cat Health Care at
Siamese cat

4. Siamese
The Siamese cat origins go back to the holy temple cats of Siam which is now Thailand where their purpose was to dispel evil spirits and bestow good luck on those that cared for them. They are a short hair cat with an elongated slender body and a triangle shaped face, generally with blue eyes and a coat that is light in color on their body and darker at the extremities. Siamese have more personality and are more social than most other cats. Siamese are a distinctive breed from other cats with unique requirements for optimal health that every owner must know. They are very friendly, affectionate and can vocalize quite well especially if not getting the constant attention that they demand. One of the easiest cats to care for needing only their monthly bathing and bi-monthly brushing.....more
Abyssinian cat

5. Abyssinian
The Abyssinian is the cat of the Ancient Egyptians originating from Abyssinia which is now Ethiopia. They are medium in size, elegant looking cats with limber muscular bodies, long slim legs and smallish paws. Exhibiting a high energy level they are intelligent, curious and loyal but at the same time can be fairly cautious. The Abyssinian will become very attached to their family and let it be known if they are being ignored. They need company be it human or animal and enough space to keep active and burn energy, especially climbing which they are very good at. Make your cat a fantastic Cat Tree at a fraction of the purchase cost. Care is fairly simple with occasional brushing required to remove dead hair and bathing infrequently.
 Ragdol cat

6. Ragdoll
The Ragdoll is a very modern breed originating from regular non-registered longhaired white Angora named Josephine in the early 1960s. They are among the largest sized cat breeds with a large sturdy strong body, blue eyes and a unique colorpoint semi-longhair and silky coat. They re most known for their docile, calm and loving nature, they love to be cuddled having a tendency to go limp and completely relax when held. Their calm laid back loving personality makes them perfect indoor companions. These are exceptionally beautiful cats that are fairly low maintenance with non matting hair that needs only a weekly brushing to keep them well groomed. You can get professional guidance on how To Have a Happy, Healthy & Well Trained Ragdoll Cat!

7. Birman
The Birman is sometimes referred to as the Sacred Cat of Burma but is a totally different breed than the Burmese. They have medium length hair with a light colored body, darker colored points, smaller ears and dark blue eyes. With striking beauty, they are excellent companions well suited to indoor living and very people oriented. Their character can be described as smart, inquisitive, easy going, charming, and playful. Due to their docile and trusting nature it would be dangerous to let them roam freely outdoors without protection. Having silky long fur with no undercoat they only require occasional brushing and can be bathed monthly. To best care for your cat and save a lot of money on vet bills it is important to have good Pet Insurance.
American Shorthair cat

8. American Shorthair
The American Shorthair arrived in America with the first settlers from Europe where they were used to control rats and mice on the ships during the crossing. They exhibit a medium-large, muscular and powerful body with a short and thick coat in multiple colors in many variable patterns. American Shorthairs are known to be gentle, quiet, child friendly and have a longer lifespan than most cats. They will love and be dedicated to their family but also can accept being left alone without complaint. They are considered to be fairly low maintenance requiring only a weekly brushing. If your cat is or will become pregnant, learn how to best care for her.
Oriental cat

9. Oriental
Sphynx cat

10. Sphynx
Norwegian Forest Cat
11. Norwegian Forest Cat
Burmese cat
12. Burmese
Cornish Rex cat

13. Cornish Rex
Devon Rex cat

14. Devon Rex
Tonkinese cat

15. Tonkinese
British Shorthair cat

16. British Shorthair
Scottish Fold cat
17. Scottish Fold
18. Ocicat
Russian Blue Cat

19. Russian Blue
Egyptian Mau cat

20. Egyptian Mau

21st - 40th Most Popular Cat Breeds

21. Somali
22. Manx
23. Color Point Shorthair
24. Selkirk Rex
25. Chartreux
26. American Curl
27. Japanese Bobtail
28. Turkish Angora
29. European Burmese
30. Siberian
 31. Singapura
32. American Bobtail
33. Javanese
34. Turkish Van
35. Korat
36. Balinese
37. Havana Brown
38. Ragamuffin
39. Bombay
40. American Wirehair
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