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Learn Exactly How Much Food Your Dog Really Needs

It has been documented by Science Daily from recent studies published in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine that obesity in dogs is between 22 and 40 percent.
The main reasons are overfeeding and lack of exercise.
Pet owners have a tendency to overfeed their beloved pet by maintaining a full portion of pet food available for eating at any time the dog has an urge.
Added to the regular food available is the high calorie snacks, treats and the table scrap human goodies that they love so much.
All added up most dogs eat way more calories than they burn.
The activity level just as in humans is also a contributing factor.
Unless you live in the country and your dog spends his day chasing rabbits or running through the woods he is relatively sedentary.
So many dogs spend the day laying around or walking around and may get a leisurly 30 minute walk but this is probably not the level of exertion that will burn off all of the calories consumed in the same period. Owners tend to overfeed because they love their pet and want to make them happy, nothing makes a dog happier than a special treat where the higher the calories the better it taste. nwanen not act out of malice, but affection. In most cases, their pets' normal food was offering a nutritionally complete diet. But dogs only need a certain amount of calories in a day.

Dog Calorie Calculator by TrainPetDog

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