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The Bulldog


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Do not be Afraid of the Bulldog!

Bulldogs do, in fact, have ugly mean faces, but looks are deceiving in relation to their true nature, they have great loving hearts with a very kind and loving disposition, especially towards children. The Bulldog originated in England and its origin is not determined exactly yet, some say he comes from a mixture of a mastiff and a Pug; others change one or the other. The only sure thing is that it originated in England. Their faces and jaws are massive in comparison with the rest of the body and in old times they were used to handle wild bulls and oxen. They are very strong dogs who are also fearless in battle.

Bulldogs like to chew stuff; they start chewing as puppies and continue doing so through their lives until their teeth fall off. They prefer soft things like your shoes and your wife’s shoes but if these are nowhere to be seen they will chew on anything. They prefer to sit around on their bellies staring at you than walking around the house or garden. Bulldogs are hard to house train, and even though they are intelligent dogs, they believe they can do whatever, they chose to do. It is important to watch his diet and keep him healthy without getting fat.
American Bulldog 

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Training a bulldog requires extra patience and the will to overcome their stubbornness. It is a battle of will that if you lose you will lose forever. You lose face once and there will be no way to mend things. Once you have both agreed, that you are the boss and that he will obey your orders things will be a bit smoother but he will never seize trying to be boss. Bulldogs are loving dogs for their owners and families, they will care for those who enter their territory accompanied by his masters or his friends, but they can be extremely dangerous to a stranger, especially an uninvited one.
British Bulldog

Health Issues and Care of Bulldog

Bulldogs have digestive problems and they suffer from dog diabetes if their diet is not well taken care of and watched. They also suffer constantly from skin conditions, especially if you take them out into the sun for too long. Their white color and extremely short hair produces sunburns, eczema and other skin problems. Bulldogs have various eye problems including one that will make them blind and another that will cross their eyes. They suffer from constant flatulence, and it is important to feed them several small meals a day instead of one large one.

Bulldog puppy Bulldogs like to remain inside, lying at their master’s feet. They like the small walks in the park, when I say walk that is exactly what they do. Bulldogs do not run or jump, they stroll in the park. When they get back home they will wait for you to sit, and they will lie at your feet. Their food and baths must always be on fixed times, they are dogs who like schedules. Their walk, their bath, their pup, everything is done at an appropriate time. They were bred to fight other dogs and to bring down and handle, one thousand pound bulls and oxen, when a stranger comes into your house, make the proper introductions, a Bulldog’s bite could break the leg like a match stick.



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