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Is a Boxer the right dog for you?

Boxers originated and were first registered in Germany in 1904. Usually they are a tan brown with white chest and stockings. Their color changes from one to another going from dark russet all the way to light tan. When they are grown up, they weigh about seventy pounds, and they are approximately 26 inches tall. Their hair is short and smooth, and they live between ten to twelve years. It is also possible to find a rare but beautiful boxer which is totally white, an albino. They are dogs who enjoy running around and jumping into the air after butterflies.

Boxers do not stay quiet for too long, they are playful, and they love children and running in the yard. They are usually friendly dogs but do not take well to strangers coming around their territory alone. Their size allows them to produce enough fear that people will stay away. They tend to drool a lot, especially after eating or drinking. These dogs require patience and a lot of energy to play with them. They are fast and athletic, ideal of small and medium size kids.

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Boxers are intelligent animals that can be trained easily if you show them who is boss. If your dog believes he can mess with you, you will never see the end of it. Stay firm and show him from the beginning that you make the rules. A Boxer will learn to commend words from an early age. It is important to train him or her into a routine when he or she is a puppy. They will stick to it until they die. They learn very fast to follow you around and to sit. The difficult part is to keep them in the sitting position.

Health Issues and Care of Boxer

Boxers are one of the breeds that usually die young. They have weak hearts and suffer from many other affections and diseases. One of them affects their eyes, which can lead you to have a blind Boxer in three or four years. They suffer from stomach and digestive problems too, reason why they are constantly expelling smelly gases. The number of boxers that die young is huge and this is something you should think about especially if you have small children that will fall in love with him or her. Boxers are noise makers, they wheeze when they are exercised and snore while they sleep. Unfortunately there are many affections that attack Boxer’s through their lives.

Boxer Puppy Boxers are animals that like to keep their schedules, and they do not like change in their life. It is important to assign them a corner in the house where they will have their bed and toys. This place will belong to them, and they’ll resent strangers to approach them or their beds without permission. A boxer will also respect the area assigned as his toilet. His greatest need is a large yard or a daily run in the park to get rid of some of the energy he accumulates during the day.



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