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A Beagle is just the right choice

Need a pet for tracking and hunting? Try a Beagle! They may be small but they are terribly good in tracking games and make very lovable and friendly companions. Not many dogs have a better nature than Beagles.

A Beagleís life expectancy is 12-15 years. They grow around 123-16 inches and weigh 13-25 pounds. The female Beagles are a little smaller than the males. They have strong and squared jaws and have eyes that are large and enticing to look at because of their pleading look. Their eyes are either hazel or brown. Having long, large and drooping ears are what make Beagles more adorable. They have a muscular body and have legs that are straight and small supporting the elongated body. Moreover, their tails are straight, which becomes upright when active. With an even tempered and balance temperament, a Beagle is a gentle dog breed. They enjoy peopleís company and are intelligent. They are alert and are eager to please but are easily bored and distracted by their sense of smell. They are pack animals and so are better off with another kind of their breed. Barking and howling are their usual behavior when in a strange outcome. They are good-natured and agreeable and are not aggressive. They are even mostly described as cheerful and always happy.
Beagle Puppy 

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Beagles are hard to train. They are stubborn and single-minded and so do not easily follow any order even with their masters. You can train them by using reward training for obedience. Food and praises are the best rewards you can give them. Another good thing about Beagles is that they donít get easily tired in any physical activity due to their good stamina condition. Moreover, they also should not be exhausted too much. Obedience must be emphasized early on while they are still pups. They are too stubborn that this part of the training should start early and be more emphasized.
Adult Beagle

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Health Issues and Care of Beagles

Beagles are prone to obesity. They are not usually dynamic and are fond of food and stuffs. Because of this, exercise is recommended for them. Epilepsy is also a rampant health problem for Beagles, which should be controlled by medication. Dwarfism also occurs to Beagles and is likely to happen. Funny Puppy, a specific type of dwarfism is evident only to beagles. It is the condition where development is slower than normal and the dogís legs grow weak. Hip dysplasia as always can also be seen in this breed. However, this health problem rarely occurs. Furthermore, because of the type of ears they have, there is a bigger tendency of ear infections.

Beagle PuppyTaking care of your Beagle is not that difficult. They do not have elegant fur coats or sensitive curls to take care of. With their short haired coat, all you have to do is to brush it with a firm bristle brush. Bathing with soap may also be done only when necessary. Furthermore, the breed is an average shedder so you donít really have to worry too much in connection to their sheds. Always make sure to trim the toes of your Beagle and to keep watch of any ear infection that may occur. Be cautious and concerned more on the medical side, this is what is most important in ownership of a beagle and where most attention should be placed.  You will be rewarded with a gentle and loving companion.


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