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Pet insurance can lower the cost of caring for your pet. Never be in the position to be reluctant to get your pet the care it needs because of the cost. Get Pet Insurance. It is very low cost if your pet is healthy.
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The Most Popular Dog BreedsThe Most Popular Cat Breeds
labrador retrieveryorkshire terriergerman shepherdgolden retrieverPersian CatMain Coon Catsiamese cat
 1. Labrador Retriever
 2. Yorkshire Terrier
 3. German Shepherd
 4. Golden Retriever
 5. Beagle
 6. Boxer
 7. Dachshund
 8. Bulldog
 9. Poodle
 10. Shih Tzu
11. Miniature Schnauzer
12. Chihuahua
13. Pomeranian
14. Rottweiler
15. Pug
16. Shorthaired Pointer
17. Boston Terrier
18. Doberman Pinscher
19. Shetland Sheepdog
20. Maltese
 1. Persian
 2. Maine Coon
 3. Exotic Shorthair
 4. Siamese
 5. Abyssinian
 6. Ragdoll
 7. Birman
 8. American Shorthair
 9. Oriental
10. Sphynx
11. Norwegian Forest Cat
12. Burmese
13. Cornish Rex
14. Devon Rex
15. Tonkinese
16. British Shorthair
17. Scottish Fold
18. Ocicat
19. Russian Blue
20. Egyptian Mau
See All 60 Most Popular DogsSee All 40 Most Popular Cats

Important Sites for Pet Owners

Humane Society

The Humane Society of the United States makes a difference in the lives of animals here at home and worldwide. The HSUS is dedicated to creating a world where our relationship with animals is guided by compassion. Seeking a truly humane society in which animals are respected for their intrinsic value, and where the human-animal bond is strong. is an award winning virtual animal hospital created to deliver interesting and easily understood articles and images of modern small animal practice.

Animal Protection Institute (API) is a national animal advocacy nonprofit  organization, contributions to which are tax-deductible. Founded in 1968, API's mission is to advocate for the protection of animals from cruelty and exploitation.

American Animal Hospital Association site for info on pet healthcare with info on various breeds of dogs , cats and exotics. Extensive  behavioral info, common health problems, disease, human bonding, nutrition and more.

Animal Rights

Directory of Animal rights and animal protection organizations

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